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Let me say this:

We must do good things in the life that God has given us. For that reason, for the past twenty years, I have been serving the Afar people in the desert as much as possible and I am very happy. When I arrived in Afar Region twenty years ago, there were no educational institutions, community service organizations, and infrastructures. Even though there are a lot of social services now, I will never forget the days when my car used to get caught in the mud and I had to sleep in the woods, when I had nothing to eat or the time I had to drink muddy water from the river. Since I was born and raised on the Afar border, it has helped me to better understand the Afar culture, language, and especially their challenges. I was particularly saddened by the centuries-long ethnic war between the two communities, as both my ethnic group and the Afar people had very little or no education. I remember when I was in third grade, there were only three students in our class and I stood third at the end of the year and they promoted me to fourth grade. This shows that growing up in a nation where there is not much education, even minor achievements are considered as a big thing. That is why I took the initiative in educating the Afar children so that what happened to me would not happen to them. Twenty years ago, there were only two literate people in the Afar Districts, one of whom was the District administrator and the other was the secretary of the village. At that time, I did not know how to set up NGO so I started gathering the children and teaching them in a hut that was made from local materials with the small amount of money I had. Today, in that woreda, I have built schools for students from kindergarten to 12th grade, and boarding schools for girls, as well as many primary schools in rural areas. A lot of Students that started learning in my kindergarten have now graduated from medical school and are engaged in other various professions and thousands of students are still studying there. During all these years, I had the belief that no matter where someone is born, whether in the forest or the city, there is still that God-given ability inside everyone so I have been focusing on knowledge-based work. Now I have a lot of students that are better than me or that can take my place.

Three or four years ago, when I finished building the first 11th and 12th-grade school for the district, I felt like I had done a lot and that my work is finished. Then one night I began to evaluate my work and I noticed that there were a lot of kids with disabilities and that there were no schools in my district or in the region that could accommodate their needs and that made me feel empty because every child has to be educated.

As I mentioned above, education is for children of all ages and that also includes disabled children. Then I suggested to my friend Scott Jackson, who had been helping me in the past that I should build a disability center for these children. He then asked me if there really is a problem with children with disabilities in the district and I informed him that the problem was not only in our district but also in the region and he gave me a baseline survey budget. As I was preparing to build a seven-block standard house with the budget, the global pandemic corona occurred and I had to stop.

But since the virus is slowly decreasing, I need every help I can get so that I can start this project again and fulfill my dream of providing education for these children.


Afar has vast fertile land suitable for agriculture, large rivers including Awash that can be used for irrigation, rich in minerals and has many tourist attractions including Ert-ale. Its people are loving and respectful. Because today it is a land with many educated people in my district and the region, I strongly believe that if we work together with this educated youth to create indigenous income-generating projects and use the above blessings, Afar will soon move from helpless to the helper.

May God Bless Ethiopia and Its people !!!

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